Mail client settings

Use the following parameters to set up the mail client:

Incoming mail server: POP3 or IMAP:
Login is the full email address and password provided.
SSL / TSL security. The port for the POP3 server is 995, the port for IMAP is 993.

Outgoing mail server: SMTP server:
The server requires authentication (login), the same as incoming mail, ie the entire email address and the corresponding password. If the mail client allows it, just check the option: Same as incoming mail.
STARTTLS security and server port is 587. In case of problems, you can use alternative SSL security and port 465.

Login via webmail:
Login again full email address and password.

The password can be changed at

Explanation of antispam functionality on our server:
1. If the system is sure that it is spam, it will automatically discard it.
2. If he thinks it's not spam, he normally puts it in his inbox.
3. If he thinks it's spam, but isn't sure, put it in the Spam folder.

If you use an IMAP connection, the Spam folder normally synchronizes with your server, and you can help us learn antispam about what spam is and what it isn't:
A) Incorrectly evaluated spam in the inbox just move it to the Spam folder
B) Move the email that was mistakenly evaluated as spam to the Inbox.
In this way, the system automatically learns and thus contributes to better evaluation not only for your emails, but also the emails of other users of the server.

POP3 users lose this ability to sort and learn the server, and the Spam folder is downloaded along with other mail. However, they can use antispam filters of their mail client or its accessories.

Individual filters

Our server also supports the Sieve protocol for individual filters. More information at